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Analysis of Boiler Water Treatment

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The boiler is widely used in industrial production and life, so it is very important to maintain the boiler, especially the boiler water treatment.

1.Problems existing in boiler water treatment

1.1 Lack of scientific water treatment methods

The scientific water treatment method can prolong the service life of the boiler, and reduce the risk of occurrence, but some users for their own interests, often use scientific treatment methods, and the processing tools used in the process also does not meet the requirements, such as "three abstentions" electronic anti scaling instrument and anti scaling agent. Although these unscientific methods can reduce the input of funds, but can not solve the problem of scaling and corrosion of boiler fundamentally, will reduce the service life of the boiler.

1.2 Problems of water treatment equipment 

Now the water treatment equipment used in some enterprises has some problems, lack of quality, thus boiler water rate is not high, and accelerates the corrosion and fouling of boiler. The main reasons are two points, the first one is the inner wall of iron boiler did not receive timely treatment, resulting in branches of iron poisoning; the second one is the boiler water without filteringe before use, the silted up resin so that it can not play its due effect, leading to oxidative damage and received the occurrence.

1.3 Ignore the hardness of water in the process

Water hardness of boiler affects the scaling and corrosion inside the boiler, if high hardness, it can make the furnace water evaporation causes the scaling phenomenon, so that to strictly grasp the water hardness is very important. But in the present situation, in the process of water treatment, processing personnel often ignore the water hardness monitoring, even detection of water hardness is too high, there is no time to take corresponding measures to adjust, this phenomenon can be harmful to the service life of the boiler, and can also be dangerous.

1.4 Water quality monitoring is not enough

The treatment of boiler water should be supervised strictly and with perfect mechanism and supervision, to avoid trouble because of unqualified water quality test. But the supervision mechanism at present, for the boiler steam and water, don’t have clear regulation, water treatment is not timely treatment, testing personnel quality is relatively low, which leads to the water treatment material does not have credibility and persuasion, influence the work further, therefore, need to strengthen the supervision of water quality testing, to ensure the water treatment and supervision smoothly.

1.5 Ignore the environmental problems in the process of water treatment

In the process of water treatment, there will be the use of some chemicals, leading to the production of sewage, which needs for post processing to ensure the environment is good, but at the current situation, to deal with the situation is very rare, this is a serious challenge to the carrying capacity of the environment, therefore, it is necessary to deal with the treatment of water quality to meet the requirements of the boiler water supply and water recycling.

2.Methods of boiler water treatment 

Boiler water treatment for the normal operation of the boiler plays an important role, in view of the above problems in the boiler water treatment process, this paper briefly discusses the boiler water treatment methods.

2.1 Take reasonable water treatment methods

It has been proposed that there are some unreasonable problems in the process of boiler water treatment, which needs to be adjusted in the future. Strictly prohibited "three abstentions" electronic anti scaling instrument and application of anti scaling additive in the process, the steel shell type boiler steam pressure is small and the evaporation is small, need to take the boiler chemical treatment method for water treatment, and if necessary, the deaerator can be used to remove oxygen; as for the boilers which have big steam pressure and evaporation, besides the use of chemical treatment methods, but also the need for the installation of oxygen removal equipment, the impurities in the water to be treated in a timely manner to reduce the corrosion of the boiler; in the process of water treatment, it is necessary to make use of advanced technology, such as sodium ion exchange process, this method can effectively remove the elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron in water, and reduce the phenomenon of boiler fouling. It should be noted that before the introduction of new technology, it’s necessary to carry out experimental work.

2.2 Enhance the quality of water treatment equipment

The quality level of water treatment equipment plays a role in the treatment process, which can not be ignored, so it’s necessary to take corresponding measures for the low quality of the equipment. As for the resin iron poisoning, to find out the cause of poisoning and take care of the resin reply, or change the boiler materials, to prevent iron poisoning while the phenomenon; when using the resin exchange agent, chemical processing method of boiler and enhance the quality of the equipment.

2.3 Effective control of water hardness in the process

If boiler water hardness is too high, it will cause the occurrence of scaling in the boiler, a threat to the boiler operation, thus ensuring the proper water hardness is necessary. The general boiler water pH value need to be maintained at between 10~12, so the hardness of water is suitable for boiler water supply requirements, such as water hardness is too large, need to add in water alkaline substances, in order to improve the pH of the water, reduce the hardness, to keep it in a reasonable range.

2.4 Strengthen the supervision of water quality treatment

For the unsound supervision of boiler water treatment, it needs to take appropriate measures, first of all, it needs to strengthen the consciousness of water treatment and management departments, understands the importance of water treatment of boiler operation, and puts work into the daily management; secondly, it needs to strengthen water treatment personnel occupation skill (because water treatment work is important), grasps the hardness of water, need to adopt the scientific approach advanced, which requires processing skills need to be perfect, so that the appropriate skills training for them is the effective method; boiler water treatment workers need to be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, and managers need to strengthen and improve the supervision mechanism. Supervision, to guarantee the normal work of the water treatment; for water treatment staff, to implement the responsibility system and regular inspection of water treatment work, keep relevant records, specific to each responsible person, to prevent problems can not find the reason.

2.5 Ensure the environmental protection of water treatment process

In the process of water treatment, it’s necessary to add some chemical raw materials, which caused a certain impact on the pollution of the environment, so we need to pay attention to in the process. Research on new materials to reduce pollution is an effective way. We also can install water filter, to reduce water impurities and structure and corrosion filtering from the source, so that the water treatment cycle lengthened, to some extent reduce the use of chemical elements; for water treatment late, we need to install the sewage treatment system, the discharge of water treatment and utilization, implementation of water recycling, reduce pollution in the process of treatment, improve the effect of environmental protection for water treatment industry. The heat energy also needs to be recycled as well as the use of the sewage expander, the heat exchanger, the pre heater and other equipment to recover the heat energy, and improve the utilization of energy and reduce the pollution caused by the heat energy.

3. Significance of boiler water treatment

Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the boiler water treatment is of great significance for the normal operation of the boiler. The following is a brief introduction to the significance of boiler water treatment.

3.1 Reduce boiler scale and corrosion

Boiler water treatment is to remove the impurities in the water before entering the boiler, to prevent the boiler running for a long time in the boiler caused by the formation of scaling and corrosion, if this phenomenon is not treated in time, it will have a serious impact. The boiler water treatment work, such as the use of advanced technology such as sodium ion exchange process, can effectively reduce the calcium and iron ion in boiler water, thus reducing boiler fouling, corrosion, prolong the service life of the boiler, the possibility of reducing the risk.

3.2 Energy savings

Practice shows that the effective treatment of boiler water, can save a lot of fuel, avoid waste. In the process of water treatment, in the final stage of the process, need to deal with condensed water, realize energy recycling, thus to some extent reduce energy consumption, improve energy the utilization of this benefit is from water treatment.


Water treatment of boiler is an important way to ensure the normal and safe operation of the boiler. Suspended solids and dissolved impurities in water will lead to fouling of boiler, salt and corrosion occurred, affecting the safe operation of the boiler, thus strengthen the boiler water treatment is very important. This paper puts forward some problems existing at the present stage in the process of water treatment, and discusses the related solution, hope these methods can help many water treatment for the boiler, to ensure the safety of boiler operation, and achieve its economic benefits.

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